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"Okay, thanks. Later!" Alice called as Cameron left. She still wasn't sure if she was interested in Cameron's band or music, but the other girl was pretty friendly and she might drop in sometime just to see how it was. Maybe she'd have a good time. "Oh, and uh, bye!" Alice said, more awkwardly to the boy, who didn't leave with Cameron.

It struck Alice that Prodigy was an electronic band from England, though. That didn't sound like Molly at all. Strange. Especially when she arrived at the stand and saw the album covers. How odd that Molly, who Alice associated with pop music more than anything, would request this.

Purchasing the disc with Molly's money, who had at least had the decency to loan her the cash, Alice left the store somewhat befuddled, still rather ill-feeling, but in a better mood than she'd been in earlier.

((Alice Baker continued in Not Quite the Zeitgeist))
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