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Cameron smiled when Alice complimented her picture. It was always fun to see people react to what she did with genuine amazement. It made her feel good about what she was doing. It wasn't that she performed for the benefit of others because that wasn't true. She performed for herself above everything else. That was never going to change. But it was always cool to her when other people liked what she was doing. It meant she was doing it the right way.

"Prodigy? Yeah they're an electronic group from England; I have some of their stuff in my basement. I think some people call them big beat." Along with almost every other genre and artist of music that had ever been popular ever. If there was one thing her parents agreed on it was that music was one of the best things humanity had ever produced. The basement of their house was full to the brim with boxes full of CDs, tapes, vinyl’s and more. Cameron had basically turned the basement into her own private den. She was essentially the curator of her families’ large music collection, not that she minded.

Cameron still had the Torche album in her hand. The more she held it, the more she wanted to go home and listen to it. To that end she decided it would be best to make her purchase and move on.

"Anyway, it's been cool talking to you guys, but I should probably buy this and get a move on." She held up the CD for emphasis. "You should come to one of our gigs sometime Shorty, just ask me and I'll hook you up." Making a call me sign with her free hand Cameron turned and walked over to the counter. After paying she left the store and started heading off in the direction of the art gallery. She felt like grabbing a coffee. Stuffing her headphones back in her ears Cameron let her music overtake her again.

Save your breath
This may be the last
There is no novelty here on the earth

((Cameron Herrig continued elsewhere...))
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