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Vanessa had been mentally rehearsing what she’d do to get to the bottom of the situation when Cameron’s text came through, so she wasted no time in grabbing her things and heading down the stairs towards the front door.

“Going out Mom, Cam’s got an emergency!” she shouted to the living room, and was already out the house before she could be ambushed, forced to deliver an explanation and then get shut down. She wasn’t always running out on school nights until God knows when, so whatever crisis her best friend was going through definitely warranted a green light from her mom, whether she agreed or not.

The cold air bit into Vanessa’s bare shoulders, but seeing Cameron’s distraught face stung far, far more. She looked at Cameron, wanting to just suck in all her sadness and make her feel better right then and there. Maybe if she was the hugging type she’d have grabbed her to let her know that it was ok, that she was there for her.

Since she wasn’t the hugging type though, she instead offered her the warmest smile she could and jingled her keys.

“Come on, let’s drive.”
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