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Cameron showed Alice some pics, Al could only assume what they were, but he did not want to interferre.

Alice liked orchestral stuff, Alessio at first thought she meant classical musical like Beethoven and Mozart, but Royal Philharmonic Orchestra covers of rock songs also count as orchestral stuff, so Alessio liked it as well! He also has heard of the YouTube star Lindsey Stirling and country also was cool. Guitars are awesome instruments, Al wished he had continued learning it. He wondered whether he would've been able to join Peyote Coyote or at least spent more time with the members, if he did.

Maybe he'd relearn it one day, maybe. Cameron or Vanessa might be good at teaching how to play some awesome songs!

Alice then asked about The Prodigy and Alessio could identify them as electro band or so, so she'd find it in a different section. Not knowing what to say, he waited for Cameron to response.
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