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Oh, she was right! And Cameron didn't seem to inquire about Alice's compliment, which was nice. Sheesh, it was nice to be nice but she didn't have to stress over stuff! People did things like that all the time.

The boy, who Alice sort of recognized from school as well, asked her a question. "Oh, uh, orchestral stuff, Lindsey Stirling, country..." Alice was a little embarrassed she liked country; it got a bad rap, but some of it could actually be good. But that was besides the point, because now Cameron was showing her a photo.

The picture was really impressive to Alice, for two reasons. One, she had known they were a band, but she didn't know they'd done big performances and stuff. That was really cool. The thing that stood out to her, though, was the artistic craftsmanship of the body paint. Alice didn't know a lot about the medium, but the detail and imagery stood out as really high quality. "Wow, that's really cool." Alice said, eyes wide at the picture. "You look awesome." She smiled, genuinely impressed.

"Oh, uh..." Alice felt herself about to sneeze. She turned away for a moment, but the sensation only lingered and she didn't actually sneeze. She hated when that happened. "Sorry. Anyway." A thought struck Alice. "Do you know anything about The Prodigy? I was going to get an album for a friend and they that group."

Again, not entirely true, but she wasn't about to explain her sister bossing her around. It was bad enough that it happened, people didn't need to know about it.
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