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Oh, Henry startled him. Oops.

"Oh, cool!" He said. "What's it about?" Already he was imagining knights fighting with hedges, knights fighting hedges, knights and hedges in general. He had no idea what it was about! It sounded neat, though, so he figured it was probably cool and involving both knights and hedges. Duh.

"Oh, forgive me. Samuel, right? I'm Henry! It's a pleasure." Henry considered offering a handshake, but that was too formal and weird. Henry liked weird, but not that kind of weird. So no handshake. "What brings you to this fine establishment of...comics?" Just then, Henry got distracted by the presence of another person he knew.

"Oh, hi Kimiko!" He called, waving to the nearby girl. He knew Kimiko, of course; she was mute, Taiwanese and a gymnast or something like that. She seemed nice, though she was older than him so they didn't interact much. Still! Best not leave her out. "Do you like comics? I didn't know you did."

His desire for House of Leaves forgotten, Henry now had a new goal; all the new people!
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