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She got it in one. Cameron gave Alice a small bow. "I am in a band. It's called Peyote Coyote." She held up a finger as an idea went through her head. "In fact...give me a second." Cameron riffled through her pocket with her free hand, grabbing her phone she pulled it out. She slid her thumb across the screen to unlock it and opened up her gallery. She was looking for a specific photo her mom had sent her after one of their gigs; they'd just been the opening act and had all of three songs. But that wasn't the point. The photo was by one of the professional photographers that had been present and made her look like one of the most awesome guitarists that had ever existed. In her opinion.

It was a shot of her mid-solo, her hair was hanging down her back and shoulders but her face was clearly visible. That night she'd decided to paint herself up in a darker theme than normal. The base was a dark brown red colour and over the top she had painted cracks with eyes visible, to make it more interesting the type of eye changed, there was human eyes, cat eyes, lizard eyes etc. It had taken her a long time to do it but the end result was one of her proudest moments.

"Here." She held the phone up to Alice so she could see the picture. "This is probably why it’s hard for you to recognize me. I'm normally painted up as different things. It throws people off. I've also been a bee and a melting rainbow among other things." Once she was sure Alice had been able to get a decent look she withdrew the phone and placed it back into her pocket. She was always proud of anything she did with Peyote Coyote. Including the name, she had suggested it half-jokingly but the others had liked it enough to stick with it. People seemed to like it too, so that always made her feel good about herself.

Cameron was pretty happy with how the trip to the record store was going but she'd have to move on at some stage, maybe stop by Vanessa's or give BB a call. She didn't see the harm in staying to see what Alice's response to Al's question was though. It wasn't as if she was missing anything at home.
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