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Apparently Ty kicked Junko's bottle. What a jerk.

Well, except he wasn't; he was a cool wrestler. But kicking other people's bottles is still a bit jerky.

Nadia talked to her about it, but he couldn't understand what was being said. She did yoga, didn't she? Junko then also waved to him, and his reaction was to wave back with a smile. Junko and the others went into the water, so he guessed he'd do that as well.

Luckily, Coach Parkinson was here. If he wasn't, Junko would almost definitely throw everybody into the pool, including him. But that wouldn't be bad. Going slowly into the water was torture. So he dropped straight into it. Quick and painless.

Being in the water was awesome, floating around without standing on his feet. His feet were a bit fucked up due to dancing. And then Jeremiah began to warm up with lap swimming.
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