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Junko slid the bottle upright, rather than putting it back where it was. Yeah, it was probably better on the ground. Sure, someone, heck, even her, could still kick it over, but it seemed safer than on the bench next to her.

Somewhere, she heard a "Sorry" that sounded familiar. She pulled herself back up, only to see it was- oh, of course, Ty Yazzie. He was kind of a douche, she remembered. It seemed like the rumors of his dickishness had decreased over time, but she wasn't sure how much he was still. The athlete in her couldn't help but admire his dedication to wrestling, though. Not gonna lie, wrestling was awesome. She was a track person, of course, but wrestling was still cool.

She just gave a toothy grin, a clearly false one. Okay, Yazzie. She'd assume that was an accident. For now. Maybe it wasn't, but as much as getting her bottle kicked over was bad, it wasn't worth yelling about. Somewhere she heard someone crack a joke about it. That was Nadia Riva. Junko and her didn't have much in common, to be honest. Nadia was kind of a girly-girl fashion type, while Junko... well, she liked other things. As funny as it was, she just didn't see her learning how to rollerblade. She and Yazzie were seniors, too, that she knew.

Well, that's one interpretation for what Ty did. He was just excited. Like she was. She was excited as hell to get into that water.

"Couldn't blame him", she said.

The same toothy grin had remained on her face, There was something more genuine in it, though.

Okay, so Parkinson got to the point. Laps. He understood that other students were at different places swimming-wise, but as long as you at least tried in Parkinson's class, it was all good. Laps were nice, though. Volleyball was good, too. She had to pick? But yeah. Laps. Just keep it nice and slow for starting out.

Finally! He was letting them in.

Junko stood up, and stretched, leaving her towel on the bench. Ah yeeeeeeeees. Time to swim. Time to do something she was good at.

It was good that Jerry was in this class, too. Her and Jerry, they went way back. He understood what she was like. He'd seen it all with her.

She felt tempted to tell him that she bet she could get more laps faster than him. Because, you know, she was like that! But then she looked over to Parkinson, and remembered one thing he kept drilling into everyone's head when doing laps at all, and not for like, track or something. Don't make it a competition. Right. Let's not, then.

She just waved.

Then she stepped towards the pool, sticking her foot into the shallow end.

No diving, no dares. Sucks, yeah, but she was willing to play by Parkinson's rules. She respected him, after all.

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