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Georgia Lee wasn't the worst company Vinny had ever had, they decided. Maybe just a little on the highly strung side, though there were far worse faults to have. Enzo could tick off several that they themselves possessed and, by their own reckoning, they were pretty fun to be around. They'd hang around with themself, given the opportunity. Who wouldn't? Vincenzo was awesome. Either way, with that vine from before in pocket, chatting with GLD was a decent enough way to kill some time, chill out for a bit en route to the afternoon nightmare that was Enzo's English class. Ugh. English. Critique and essays beckoned, Enzo's most favouritest schooling endeavours.

Vincenza tuned back into what Georgia was saying, and then for the first time, their smile faltered. Oh, okay, wow. This conversation went from kind-of-entertaining to pretty-dang-serious in a hurry, didn't it?

The future, graduation. Those topics weren't exactly nearest and dearest to Vinny's heart. In fact, in the case of a few specific areas, they were a little bit afraid of what lay ahead of them. The idea of college was an intimidating one, and Enzo was still racked with indecision as to whether they wanted to apply at all. On the other hand, remaining in smalltown Kingman forever, with its goodly array of people who weren't shy about calling out Enzo's 'oddities'... that hardly appealed, either. Would it be any better anywhere else? Vincenzo had a lot of friends in Kingman, but a lot of them would be scattering to the winds across the country at the end of the year, higher education and fame and fortune beckoning.

Damn, GLD sure threw a curveball there.

Vinny rubbed the back of their head, sat up a little straighter. "I dunno, really," they replied softly. "Sometimes I wonder if I could go big with my online stuff, but it's tough. You don't just make that into a career overnight. I want to... well, I want to make sure I can keep doing me, and maybe that means leaving Kingman," a sudden laugh. "So I guess I don't really have a plan, no."
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