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It was based on Game of Thrones. Samuel had read some of the books a while back, when the show was just getting popular. It was nice, it had a nice setting, but he hadn't continued reading. He'd been meaning to, but it had slipped his mind. Samuel figured it wouldn't hurt to delve back into the world of Westeros. While he was at it, he might as pick up the series aga-

Jesus Christ!

Samuel jumped, whirling around to see another kid standing near him. The face was vaguely familiar - probably someone from school, an underclassmen or something. The kid looked like the brooding type, dressed in all black with a hairstyle you'd associate with the angsty loner who sat in the back of the classroom and glowered at people. A look that clashed with his chipper demeanor. It was almost unsettling.

He stared at the other kid before coming to his senses. "Uh..hi." He said, giving a small wave with his free hand. In response to the boy's question, Samuel raised up the book. "Er, it's called the Hedge Knight. Just picked it up, actually." He looked down and read the summary on the back. Something about two squires adventuring, typical fantasy fare. The setting was interesting, at least. He wondered what Westeros was like in the past. Definitely worth a read.

"It seems...good."

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