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((Kimiko Kao continued from Hypotenuse Murder Mystery Case))

Kimiko had been looking through Larson's large collection of Marvel comics, specifically their X-Men books. She'd always had an attraction to the X-Men. It hadn't been long after she had first arrived in America that she'd found a comic in a book store. At the time she enjoyed the X-Men because they were outsiders and she felt like one. It was immature and childish true but it planted the seed for a lifelong love of comics in her heart. She had been reading them ever since even when the storylines or events were frankly terrible and the writing quality was sub-par. But she soldiered on, knowing that eventually a good writer would take over and right the course. A good writer could make the most of the medium and push it to its limits to tell interesting and compelling stories that also allowed commentary on things that transcended people in bright and flash costumes punching each other in the face. That was where her true enjoyment of comic books came from now that she was more mature. It was why she was thumbing through a trade paperback of Grant Morrison's All-New X-Men run. One of the best X-Men series ever written, she was certain she was going to buy the trade she held but she was just taking a moment to get a preview of what she was actually going to get for her money. It seemed like a good purchase.

She looked over her shoulder when she heard a loud question asked. As it turned out it wasn't actually directed at her; although it easily could have been considering just how loudly the boy was speaking. Kimiko recognized Samuel; he was in her grade and was very noticeable. Thanks to his large height and frame. The boy who had actually asked the question Kimiko had a vague recollection of too, his name was Henry and he was in the grade below, he was mainly notable for wearing eyeshadow. Something that had always caught Kimiko's eye but aside from that and things some people had told her; which hadn't always been polite or complimentary she knew nothing about him.

As things were though neither seemed to have realized she was present. This was something that she was actually OK with as she preferred to be left alone as she browsed through comics. She just found it more peaceful when she was left alone to absorb what she was looking at. It also made it easier for her to judge whether or not she would like a specific book as she could take her time to be more discerning. With that in mind she set the New X-Men trade down on the tops of the other books on the shelf and continued to look at the selection laid out before her. Seeing if there was anything else she wanted to purchase before buying the trade and heading home.
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