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There were actually two people there, Cameron and another guy. The boy seemed quiet, though, which made Alice a bit envious. She was usually the one who hung out and listened when other people talked, so kind of wished she was in his position right now. But nope, she had to exert her social muscles.

Cameron was definitely familiar, and now that Alice thought about it she was almost sure Cameron did something with a band. Yeah, she'd seen a poster about it somewhere, or maybe a flyer. Either way, she could take a guess. "You're in a band, right?" She said, cautiously optimistic. If she screwed this up it'd be even more embarrassing.

"Not my kind of music, but I heard you guys are good." That embellishment wasn't strictly necessary or true, but she was pretty sure they were a rock band of some sort, and it was nice to boost someone's self-esteem when possible. Cameron seemed pretty friendly, so why not say something nice?

Of course, all that fails to take into account that, if pushed, Alice wouldn't be able to back anything she said. So hopefully Cameron took the compliment without inquiring further.
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