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((Henry Spencer, pregame start))

A good comic book was like...well, it was like something. It was a book but with more pictures, and that pretty much summed it up. But surely there was a decent simile/metaphor for a good comic book. He could say that both a comic book and the human eye were full of humor, as in vitreous humor, but he wasn't sure comic books were always funny. He didn't read them a lot, really.

Which reminded Henry, why was he here, again? Well, excellent question, inner self. He was at Larson's because his copy of "House of Leaves" appeared to have been misplaced. Not lost, Henry never lost things. But it was currently missing, so while he awaited its return he wanted to reread it. But since he didn't have one at the moment, he needed to buy a new copy. Target didn't seem to have it in stock, so Henry took a long shot to check the comic store. Long shot. What a clever idiom, accurate and...idiomatic. Was that a word? Possibly.

Regardless, Henry had gotten slightly distracted in the story. Just a wee bit, though. He could stop browsing the graphic novels. After all, House of Leaves wasn't a graphic novel. But he was increasingly intrigued by some of them, though so far he was disappointed by the distinct lack of really creepy settings and stories. Where was the horror genre representation? Honestly, Henry ought to protest the-oh hey someone else was here!

Henry totally knew Samuel. Well, he'd seen the taller boy around, for sure. At school, yes, definitely. Quiet guy, upperclassman, Henry didn't know much about him but he was probably friendly. "Hey! What'cha looking at?" He asked loudly to get the other boy's attention before standing up on tiptoe to see past the other boy's broad shoulders.

Oh! That was a good simile. A good comic book was like a linebacker; it blows you away! Haha, that was pretty clever.
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