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Vincenzo tried to keep a smile from their face and didn't quite succeed as Georgia, to put it quite lightly, went off on a little tirade. They figured that she'd be wrapped up enough in her own irritation that they could maybe get away with finding it funny, and maybe it wasn't entirely fair to express sympathy and then find mirth in the situation. Honestly, it was more that Georgia Lee was just so flustered about what had happened. Like, of course it sucked that she'd been interrupted, and moreso that whoever had done the interrupting had acted like they'd done nothing wrong but... aw, c'mon, it was still sort of funny that she was so wound up.

Hehe, 'larking'.

While they were on the topic, was it hypocritical of Enzo to be all snerky and at the same time make nice? Enzo didn't think so. It was possible to find humour in something that one didn't necessarily agree with, and hey, Vinny would rather laugh something off than get pissed off. If Enzo allowed themselves to get annoyed at everything, then they'd barely get anything done. They'd be miserable all the time, and the entire point of... well, being how they were was to not be miserable.

Meh. Nobody could fault them for being themself, right?

The smile broke out into a full fledged grin as Georgia Lee continued on, inadvertently sounding like she was condemning Vincenza. They didn't think that the girl actually meant that how it had come out, and Enzo's teeth snagged their lip, trying to hold back from bubbling outward.

"Don't worry, Rainy, I make sure I do whatever I want away from people who might get mad. Heck, I'm not risking one of those rants turned my way," Enzo winked, taking a little of the sting out of their words.
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