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Alice huh? That was two people whose name began with A and L that she'd met. Alice thought she looked familiar, Cameron couldn't blame her, a lot of people recognized her. It was also funny because most of those people didn't really know why they recognized her. It was hard for them to put two and two together. Most people couldn't reconcile the picture or video of her performing with the person standing in front of them. Maybe it was the lack of body paint since that was how most people tended to get their first exposure to her.

Cameron grinned. "Yeah I go to Cochise. Name's Cameron and I think I have a good idea where you know me from." It was weird sometimes; she had a kind of pseudo-fame around Cochise. Some people knew who she was exclusively because she was in a band and they found that cool. Whereas others had only the faint idea of who she actually was through either seeing pictures of her or hearing her name. It was always fun to see how people knew her though.

She wasn't even the most well-known member that would be Vanessa. It was to be expected since she was the frontman, handling both lead guitar and vocals. Not that Cameron minded she was perfectly happy to just riff away in her corner. Although going up to the audience was always an awesome experience. Everyone seemed to get a kick out of the weird guitarist covered in paint going up to them. Sometimes the reaction was stronger than others, although the regulars always liked her switching up the paint design per show, it was effort but it was worth it.

"So take a guess."
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