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Barry continued to move his potatoes around the plate, still trying to calculate the odds of whether they would be bland or salty. At this point, he had started doodling little pictures in the potatoes for his own amusement. First a smiley face, then a stickman. He then started working on making a crescent moon, sort of starting to fall out of the conversation. He missed what Jeremy had said, so he didn't really have the time to come up with a response to it.

Once the crescent moon was finished, Barry finally bit the bullet and scooped up a bite. His face shifted through a few expressions as he chewed. First curiosity, then disappointment, then relief. As he had half-expected, the potatoes were bland, almost to the level of TV dinner mashed potatoes. But still, at least being bland wasn't as bad as being inedibly salty, so that was a plus. With that in mind, he kept on eating. Hey, might as well finish it now that he knows it's not completely horrible.

As Barry continued, he started to clue into the conversation again at the most awkward possible time. BB had started talking about some apparent plans of hers, seemingly involving orgies and a drug dealer. Barry choked on his potatoes briefly at the mention of that. As he coughed his lunch out of his windpipe, he began to wonder if he had just walked into something that he'd rather not have known about. Once his throat was clear, he responded in a rather unsure voice.

"I, uh... what did you say?"
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