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Larson's wasn't a place Samuel frequented. He didn't even go outside much at all, save for the occasional errands or trip to the local library. Even then, he only passed through downtown Kingman on his way home, not bothering to visit any of the stores that lined the streets. Today Samuel just happened to be bored, and as he passed by Larson's while on errands he figured that it wouldn't hurt to pop in and take a look at what they offered.

So he found himself inside Larson's Comics and Games, browsing the graphic novels section. Samuel didn't usually read graphic novels. He'd rather read a book, and found it much more satisfying to imagine the story himself rather than look at pictures provided for him. It wasn't that he disliked them: he enjoyed some good visuals, and if the story was intriguing he'd probably given a chance. Besides, he hadn't seen many graphic novels in his life, since Cochise's library was lacking in everything and he'd never noticed the graphic novels section at the local library.

Samuel's fingers traced the spines, inspecting titles and looking out for anything interesting. At least graphic novels were longer than comics, with a lot more story to take in all at once. Samuel loved long books, which to him were indicative of more story and detail. It was also why he loved book series, focusing on the same characters or setting over the span of many books. The bigger the better, Samuel thought as he kept an eye out for a large chunk of graphic novels with the same title.

One in particular caught his eye. He took it off the shelf, turning it over in his hands and inspecting the cover.

The Hedge Knight, huh?

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