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Jane was glad her fellow drama clubbers had decided her idea was best. It was a nice ego boost to know other people appreciated your ideas. She took a moment to privately bask in her tiny ray of glory before getting to work. "Cool! We'll do mine first, then we can do yours if we still have time." Jane said brightly before moving to the center of the circle of chairs.

While Jane was proud she had found a good story, there was a tiny issue; she had no clue what to do now that it wasn't selected.

She was...not entirely sure how this ought to be laid out. The four-words-only gimmick was cool, but it did require a degree of setup and planning. Jane was good at planning, but that didn't mean she could spontaneously make a character and scene in like three seconds. "Yes, no, please, banana", starring Jane Madison, was not likely to be featuring in Broadway, that much was obvious.

"So hey, any ideas for how this should go? Wanna just jump into it or what?" Jane looked over at the rest of the group, hoping her confident stance covered for her sudden burst of 'now what'.
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