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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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((Ty Yazzie Continued From Silence Is Golden))

Nervous energy rippled through Ty's muscles as he stared down towards the pool, barely listening to the clatter around him. The encounter in the library left him sorta twitchy, even with Bee calming him down afterwards. Part of it was the anger. Part of it was shame over the anger's presence. It all sort of muddled together to make him a big-ass mess waiting to happen. The opportunity to blow off some steam with mindless physical activity was a damn welcome one, all things considered.

Most of the class didn't take this whole thing too seriously, and he didn't blame 'em too much. Sitting there on the cold bleachers, he kinda wished that Coach Parkinson would wrap it up and let them get to the drill. At this point, this whole exercise wasn't that big a deal, and words of encouragement or instruction weren't going to do much for the stragglers. It was literally sink or swim. You've either got this shit or you don't, so spending a whole lot of time prepping people seemed like a waste of time, in his mind.

A nervous tick brought his leg out and he gave a slight wince, from realization rather than pain, as he felt his foot come in contact with a steel water bottle in front of him. His eyes locked down on it as it rolled beneath them. Looked like it was Junko's, from the way she was reaching for it. "Sorry," he grumbled out as his eyes turned back towards the pool. He didn't have anything against the crazy stunt girl, and if he wasn't so pissed and pent up, he'd probably put out a more sincere apology. Now wasn't a good time, though.
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