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((Nadia Riva continued from Don't Call it a Comeback))

Nadia sat on the bleachers, her head resting on the palm of her hand. Swim class was something Nadia liked, but also slightly dreaded. While she did enjoy floating in the pool, gym class also took a lot of the fun out of swimming. She had to usually do laps or play water volleyball, sports she was never that fond of. She'd rather just be able to float in the pool and relax for a period than have to exhaust herself. She also had to contend to wearing a lame one piece instead of a cute bikini. She preferred to work with school dress codes, not be pigeonholed by them.

Nadia looked around at the other kids. She noticed someone kick over a water bottle belonging to Junko Kurosawa. Nadia didn't have much in common with the junior girl besides a shared Japanese heritage, but she could understand the frustration over having your stuff kicked forward.

"I guess someone's feeling eager to get in the pool if they're already kicking," Nadia said to Junko.
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