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"I'm not saying people should stay outside, when it rains. Of course they should come in when it's raining. And then, you know, of course there are people who are going to be loud, too. They can't help it, it's just their nature."

She faltered a little, hoping Vincenzo didn't think she was talking about them.

"Not that anything's wrong with that. I don't blame them, they're fine. So I simply pointed out that, given that the library is a space designated for study, perhaps their larking about might be better located... elsewhere? Or even that it could be continued at a lower volume. I didn't even say they needed to leave! I didn't say they needed to do anything, just that their conversation was making it hard to concentrate. That's not rude, right? That's a fact. That's, objectively, a fact. You can prove that."

Well that was... a rant. Georgia Lee looked down at her phone, as if some option to delete her little outburst would pop up on screen.

It remained stubbornly blank. She didn't need to see her reflection to know that a flush was creeping into her cheeks and neck. Her hand raised to scratch her nose, but she caught the gesture and turned it into a half-hearted patting of her hair into place, not wanting to draw attention to her reddening complexion. Her eyes stayed fixed on the phone.

"And then they call me a hypocrite. How on earth does that make me a hypocrite? I wasn't breaking the rules. I like the rules! without rules you just have... people running around, doing whatever they want."

People... screwing around, you might say?

There was no way that Vincenzo wouldn't take that as a dig at them. She chanced a glance up, but their expression was unreadable. Amusement, maybe? They didn't look particularly offended to her, though she'd never seen offence on that face before. Would she even recognize it if she did see it? She couldn't be sure. It was best to play it safe.

"Not that anything's wrong with that."

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