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Well, at least the other girl wasn't angry. She seemed...pretty nice, actually, which was nice. Alice would've been miserable if she'd blown up on her. That'd just be the icing on a crappy day.

Alice sniffled and tried not to look too pleased. She was pretty sure this girl was familiar somehow, but didn't look to be in the same grade as Alice. Possibly an upperclassman? Actually, yeah, she knew this girl. Wasn't she in a band or something? She'd seen stuff for it around somewhere.'

It must've been cool to be in a band. Alice was way too shy to go up on stage and perform or anything. She envied people who could put themselves out there like that. That'd be awesome. Plus, she doubted famous people got bossed around by their big sister. Another pro.

"Yeah, haha." Alice chuckled sheepishly and crossed her arms. She was pretty tiny, she supposed. "I'm Alice. I...think I know you from somewhere. Do you go to Cochise?"
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