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'Difference of opinion', which, Vinny knew, was code for getting into an argument. Enzo never really understood why people did that. It wasn't as if they were going to think that it somehow wasn't an argument just because Georgia phrased it so delicately - and the passive aggressive streak to the condemnation made it perfectly clear that the girl was annoyed by what had happened. On top of that, it wasn't as if Enzo was going to get their panties in a bunch if Georgia just told them what had happened. It clearly wasn't private enough for Georgia not to say anything.

Eh. Whatever. They supposed it was just another way in which they looked at things differently to other people. Vincenzo wouldn't call it tactless so much as being direct. They knew when to keep their mouth shut, for sure... they just didn't see the point of dancing around the point.

"Sucks, Rainy," Enzo replied, after a second, and quite honestly. They were loud; they knew full well that they were very loud. That was why they tried to keep that kind of thing out of study areas. Well, not even tried. They did keep it out. Because, y'know, vining was fun and all but vining where other people were trying to do work went from funny to just plain trolling, and hey, sometimes Vincenzo wanted to use the library to study, too. Do unto others, or whatever. "Figures people would screw around indoors when the weather isn't great."

"Me, well..." Enza shrugged, smiled again. "I can screw around perfectly fine outside."
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