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Cameron got off her bike and let it fall onto the lawn. She had told her mom she wanted to be alone, she hadn't questioned it. Vanessa's house had always been nicer than hers. Probably because her dad was actually successful, so they could afford a house that was above normal standard. She passed by Vanessa's jeep, a present she had gotten from her dad for her birthday. It was an example of how her friend was spoiled but despite that it was always something that had led to good memories. She couldn't remember a time getting in the jeep had been anything but fun, Cameron loved it because of that.

Cameron stopped when she got to the door. She didn't want to ring the bell, it would most likely lead to awkward questions. Cameron didn't want to drop her problems on everyone and Vanessa's relationship with her mum could be unpredictable. As for Vanessa's dad, Cameron had rarely met him, other than at specific events. She would have been surprised if he was even in the house.

Instead she dug her phone out of her jeans. She hadn't changed her clothes and was shivering slightly. Arizona still got cold in winter, despite the stereotype and especially at night. It was one of the rare times Cameron regretted her habit of cutting her clothes into vests or tank tops.

"Hey I'm outside"

Predictive text made her message neater, it actually made her look calm, which was so far from the truth Cameron would have laughed if she could. Instead she was left staring at the floor waiting for the sound of the opening door. Her eyes still wet.
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