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He didn't have a favorite, that was fair enough. He was also right, there were a lot of good guitarists out there. So Cameron could understand not being able to choose a favorite.

Cameron turned when a girl almost walked into her. She was tiny in basically every way you could imagine. Short, thin, no visible breasts or ass. Could have been a child for all Cameron knew, aside from the voice giving that game away. She laughed when the girl apologized for the heinous crime of nearly walking into her.

"It's all good shorty. You didn't actually hit me and I'm not sure you would have hurt me." Cameron grinned. "You look a bit on the light side." Cameron scratched behind her ear using the CD case, they were versatile tools for scratching that was for sure. The girl was kind of adorable with the whole look she had going on, very "shy girl" stuff. "So, what's your name then?"

Not like Cameron had anything better to do today.
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