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((Alice Baker continued from Laws of Motion))

Alice had a cold today.

She'd felt it coming on last night, feeling tired and sickly early in the evening, and she'd woken up in the morning badly congested and with a sore throat. She was feeling crappy, and had resolved to stay home all day and relax, hopefully not remaining sick for too long. She didn't want to miss school after all, it was a nightmare trying to catch up with her schedule.

So why was she out here, one might ask. The answer was simple; her big sister was a jerk.

Not that Alice could really blame Molly. She could've said no. Really, she could've! She didn't have to go walk all the way to the music store to buy a CD for Molly just because her sister was 'working on a big project and I need new work music'. She could've looked Molly right in her face and told her off.

Yeah, totally. That's why she was shopping instead of napping.

She was in a bad mood, therefore, when she walked into the store, but at least there was climate control indoors. She wasn't sure what genre the band was. All Molly had told her was that she wanted an album by The Prodigy. Alice had heard of The Prodigy before, but she had no idea what they were like. Knowing Molly, they were probably pop music, that was most of what Alice heard her listening to.

Coughing quietly into the crook of her elbow, Alice walked up and down the aisles of the store, staring blankly at the rows of music. It was intimidating, and she barely knew where to start. What if they didn't even carry any Prodigy CDs here? Doubtful, but possible, in which case Alice was totally-

"Achoo!" Alice sneezed violently and without warning, and like a startled horse her nose started running. "Crap..." She muttered, digging her hand into her pockets. She plucked a tissue from her pocket, blew loudly into it, and then wiped her nose off while sheepishly glancing around to make sure nobody saw her. Then she shoved the tissue back into her pocket.

Real classy, Alice.

As she kept wandering past the shelves, Alice began to lose focus. Maybe the album would appear in a flash of divine light. Maybe she'd figure out the perfect musical selection for Molly. Maybe she should just leave and tell Molly off (yeah right). Maybe-

"Oh!" Alice gasped as she nearly walked into Cameron, barely halting her steps in time to avoid a collision. "Oh, sorry!" She exclaimed, hands up in defense.
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