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Favorite guitarist, Cameron tapped the CD case against her chin as she thought about her response. Wes Borland was one everyone thought of thanks to the body painting, but she'd never made that connection until after she'd started performing.

"My current favorites were probably Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher of Mastodon." She said, pointing to one of the bands albums that was visible on the shelves. "They do some really cool stuff every single time and their riffs are amazing." Holding up her left wrist Cameron let Al see the Mastodon bandanna she had tied around it. "Seen them live too, it was the most fucking awesome thing ever." Hold on, did he say she played the guitar well? That was a pretty cool thing to hear from a classmate, even if it was someone who liked the band. "Thanks for the compliment as well." She said with a smile, it felt pretty damn good.

"What about you, who's your fave?"
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