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((In light of recent events, Cicada is removed from the post order so I'm next.))

"Yeah, okay, let's all do Jane's then," Coleen said. It still kind of hurt that she had misunderstood the assignment, but that sort of thing happened. She could probably rummage through her drama folder and pick something else out that was serviceable, even if that was cheating just a bit. Such a thing would penalize her in an actual class, not here.

"That looks to be all the chairs too," she said, turning her head to scan the room. She had a couple fingers on her neck just under her ear so she could feel her neck pop... satisfying, every time. They had finally, using most of the chairs in the classroom, formed a large circle with a generous space in the middle where performances could take place. There was, of course, a small hole so they could get in or out without jumping or crawling. There was one time where they forgot to do that. Coleen didn't like remembering about that day.

"And um, I don't think we're getting anybody else so... should we start?"
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