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When Jeremy took her to task in a sarcastic and roundabout manner for her phrasing, BB stopped focusing on her food. She still chewed and swallowed and was loosely aware of it, but the process was more mechanical, the taste fading into the back of her mind. When she wasn't chewing, she was smiling. There really was a lot of pretty awful stuff going on when you laid it all out like that, and it was certainly a more interesting response than the more grounded explanation of the mundane realities of school that followed, one which largely echoed the total lack of interesting things going on for Barry as well.

"Sounds like a blast," BB said. She made sure to keep her tone pretty level, something she'd worked on a lot over the years. It helped to be able to camouflage sarcasm under a layer of normalcy. She wished she wasn't here, wished she had swapped the linoleum tiles and fluorescent lights for some other environment. She could have skipped lunch and gone for a walk, but then she'd've been hungry all through her afternoon classes.

BB looked out the windows again, saw an old brown van rumbling past, assigned Vegas as its destination. It was probably big enough to carry the band and all of its equipment, if it wasn't full of junk.

"I've been planning some stuff myself lately," she said, keeping that same conversational tone. She paused for a few seconds to polish off her pizza, stuffing the last bite—which should probably have been the last two bites, really—into her mouth, then chewing it and swallowing it down a bit more quickly than was quite pleasant. She wiped her lips with the fingers of her left hand, then smiled straight at Jeremy, seeking eye contact.

"There's this, like, orgy going on this weekend outside of town that my dealer hooked me up with. He said I could bring some friends if I wanted. I think he was mostly talking about girls, but he didn't specify, so whatever." She shrugged. "Either of you interested?"
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