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"Just using it for its reflective qualities, huh? You'll hurt its feelings."

That same, slightly crooked grin remained on Enzo's face. They probably shouldn't tease so much, they knew, but... well, Vincenzo had never really been able to resist the opportunity for a good joke, and if Georgia Lee couldn't handle a little light jesting, then she probably wasn't worth the effort in the first place.

Eh. Maybe that wasn't fair. Enzo could honestly admit that their forthright attitude was a bit of a defence mechanism; if they put themselves out there, then it would quickly become clear who was and wasn't going to put up with them. If that meant alienating people who thought that Enzo was too forward, too outgoing, too brash? That was all right. It was a test, almost; Vinny always wore their heart on their sleeve, and while it was true they weren't constantly teasing, being a smartass, anyone that couldn't put up with it was going to be in for a nasty surprise. No, better to let people know what they were in for than wind up getting annoyed with Vinny later.

Though, really, there weren't too many folks around school that had managed to get over the genderqueer part and then subsequently taken issue with Vincenza's personality. It sucked that little more than their presentation was enough for others to give them grief, but then, that was people. People were shit most of the time.

Georgia Lee wasn't looking one hundred percent comfortable, for her part. Probably bugged by Vinny coming out of nowhere to interrupt her 'mirror time'. Enzo didn't know, though... she seemed kind of, well, a little glum, as much as Enzo was any good at reading mood. They liked to think they were decent at it.

"Just not a lot of people out here, Rainy," Enzo remarked cheerfully, slipping into their habitual style of naming without even thinking about it. "Was wondering what had you all by your lonesome, was all."
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