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Huh, apparently the pizza wasn’t that bad. That was a surprise for him. Wasn’t cafeteria food generally inedible, the prehistoric gunk that kids dreaded every day? That was what he had been told by the media, anyway. Still, he was still probably pretty fortunate that he had the homemade stuff, considering what the cafeteria stuff looked like. He checked out BB’s tray, and he still couldn’t really call it appetising. He swung his lunchbox around his finger and placed it onto the table.

It was now time for lunch.

He opened his lunchbox, putting two fingers on the zipper and allowing it to drag as he moved the lid open. Looking at it, there were two sandwiches, a couple of cherry tomatoes, jelly snakes, and two bottles of water. Not bad, although he was probably going to skip the tomatoes, as yesterday’s turned out to be wrinkled and inedible. He unwrapped the tinfoil around the sandwiches, and was about to eat the crusts of the chicken sandwich when BB asked him what was up with the world.

Well, she probably meant the world as in him, but he decided to humour himself a bit.

“Depends on what you mean by “the world”. If you’re talking about the planet, well…” He decided to take a little breath before he continued; this was going to be a long one.

“Global warming is happening, ISIS is killing anyone who doesn’t want to become a Muslim, the WBC excommunicated it’s founder after he showed kindness to the gay people across the street, the government is searching for AT and has still provided any fruit, Ebola is raging across Kenya and some other third world countries, and I don’t think PETA’s done anything to stir shit up lately, so kudos to them.

He bit some of the crust off his sandwich, it wasn’t his favourite part of it, but it allowed him to eat the dough and the chicken without any problems. He always seemed to separate his food before he ate it, it was a pattern that he had picked up when he was four years old.

“If “the world” refers to me, then I can very easily say nothing much.” He shrugged. “I have homework, piano practice, social things, that kind of stuff.”

He took out the rest of the crust with one bite. Mmm, delicious.
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