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Null sheen.
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"Practical villain problems!"

Pause recording, prop up phone on bench, check angle. All right, this would work.

Annnd... record.

"Hey Wicked Witch, come jump in the puddles!" a forcedly excitable tone.

"Sure!" Vinny leaped 'on camera' and into a puddle, then let out a screech. "OHDEARGOD!"

Miming melting was difficult, but Vincenzo just about managed it.

Back to the cameraphone, stop recording. That would fit into six seconds, no problem. Awesome.

It was only after Vinny put the phone in their pocket, a little grin on their face, that they realised that the scream might have attracted attention. Ah well, attention was fine. There was little Enzo did that didn't attract attention, honestly, and it wasn't as if they were the only person ever to record a vine on campus. They weren't even dressed 'weird', although Enzo hated calling their style weird. It was just, well, their style.

A furtive scope out of the area revealed that, no, there wasn't really anyone around, because it had just been raining all morning, you idiot.

There was, however, a girl - or at least, a girl-looking-individual, sitting on a bench, away off by themselves. That was strange in the middle of lunch... though Enza too was on their own. Damn it all, thwarted by their own logic. Did Vinny know them? Could've sworn... hm. The face was on the tip of their tongue.

Vinny threw off a lazy salute as they approached. Georgia! That was it. There was an extra bit... Georgia...Lee! Did she share class with them? But wait... no, she was in the year below, wasn't she?

"Hey hey, GLD," Enzo sprawled out on the bench, leaning both arms back on the table. "Not interrupting your phone date, am I?"
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