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After hearing what he could best describe as a partial recommendation, Barry took a bite of his pizza. As he expected, it was floppy and felt like it had been sitting out for a while. It was also bizarrely bland. He honestly didn't know that it was possible for marinara sauce to have such little bite to it. It was almost disappointing, actually. He'd give it about... a 90% chance that it was frozen twenty minutes ago. Hopefully the rest of the food would be better.

Barry swirled the potatoes around his tray with his fork, still a bit apprehensive about eating them. He figured that there was about an equal chance of them either being blander than the pizza or oversalted beyond belief. Either way, it didn't really translate to something good, so he decided to stall for some more time. Fortunately, there was still a conversation going on for that purpose.

"Eh, not really much happening for me." He said, still twirling his fork. "I've got soccer practice this afternoon, but that's about it for now."
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