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((Jeremiah Larkin, Start))

Swimming always seemed very weird to Jerry. Why'd they need it? None of them was in danger of drowning. They were in Arizona, there was no beach around here. Jeremiah once was in California when he was young for a vacation. There, he swam with his parents on the beach. It was fun. But now he was here, in a boring pool in Arizona, filled with a chlorine smell. That killed the ozone layer, didn't it? No wonder why in Australia there were so many beaches instead of pools.

That, and it was an island. That's why. Did some Californian students have PE class on the beach? Gee, that'd be swell.

Oh, yeah, the Coach also gave some instructions or so. He could ask somebody else, what they are supposed to do, he guessed. Or Jeremiah would just do what the others would do. Or just concentrate on what he said. Not listening to Parkinson would be a bad idea. Swimming probably was very important for Parkinson.

Jeremiah imagined Parkinson swimming like in that Omaha Beach scene from Private Ryan. Okay, this was silly. Maybe swimming wasn't important for Parkinson either. He was doing his job.

Inwardly smirking, he waited, till he could be dipped into the water.

He looked around, as a reaction to a sound, to see that somebody's, Junko's, water bottle had been kicked.
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