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To say that Junko liked P.E. would be like saying water is wet. Being someone who was as physical as her, of course she’d love the class where she can fully indulge almost as much as she wanted. Almost. She remembered how Coach Parkinson yelled at her once because she jumped into the pool as a freshman. That afternoon she got a pretty good lecture on ways she could hit her head if she dived incorrectly. It sucked. It was a pretty good motivator not to do it again, though. She didn’t want to spend another afternoon learning about all the ways someone could get brain damage. Even if she had to restrain herself sometimes. It was difficult when she had to.

But, that didn’t mean she didn’t like Coach Parkinson as a teacher. In fact, he was one of her favs. He was better than Ramsey definitely. It wasn’t her fault she chose track instead of gymnastics way back when, before she knew there was going to be favoritism, damn it. And sure, Parkinson could be harsh on slackers. But if you at least showed an interest in P.E., well, you have his approval.

And P.E. was what Junko was good at.

The afternoon P.E. class was abuzz on the bleachers, dressed in their swimsuits as they chit-chatted. Junko leaned forward on the right end of the bottom bench, dressed in her red one piece.

Swimming was something she knew something about, of course. Sometimes everyone on the track team had to do a few laps in the pool. It was good for cardio, right? An hour running laps had similar perks to an hour swimming. So of course she was pretty good at swimming too.

Parkinson stood up, and began talking. They weren’t allowed to go into the water until he said so. Junko looked around her. Swimming during P.E. wasn’t anything new, not at Cochise. And it wasn’t the first time they had swam this year. So, no one was going to drown, unless they wanted to risk hitting their head or another lecture.

As Parkinson talked for a few more minutes, Junko was trying her hardest to pay attention. She really was. But... well, one could see the anticipation on her. In her posture, on her face, everywhere. Her eyes locked onto the shining water behind him. It beckoned for her, called out for her.

Junko smiled. Then that smile became a frown as some asshole behind her just so happened to kick their leg in just the right way, knocking her water bottle down. Thanks for that, she grumbled mentally. It was good the cap was on, at least. Pretty damn sturdy, too. Junko reached down, feeling her fingers wrap around the steel bottle. Maybe she should just… keep it on the ground or something.

At least Coach Parkinson was almost done talking, though. Then? She could enjoy herself.

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