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"Aw, thanks for the vote of confidence Irene." Jane said it to Irene, but she smiled at Coleen. Now that she thought more on it, she was pretty sure she'd seen that movie before somewhere. Where? Who knew. Probably grandpa watching it some time. He'd always liked that kind of old movie crap. But anyway, poor thing. Coleen was so insecure it made Jane wince. She ought to have some confidence, Jane figured. Confident but humble, or whatever.

"It's cool, we were just supposed to do practice stuff I think. No big deal." Moving around the rest of the drama club, Jane took a seat at the circle, facing towards the whiteboard at the front of the room and set her bag down on the ground next to her. It was a decent turnout so far, which was nice; Jane hated seeing the numbers dwindle, it felt like a sad balloon deflating.

Still, hopefully more people showed up. A four-man club sounded about as pathetic as a one-man band concert turnout. That is, pretty damn pathetic. Damn, that was a simile from hell. "So should we take a vote on whose we do, or wait around for more people?"
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