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((Sorry this took so long D: no real excuses I'm just bad at things))

That was... not the reaction Bryony had been looking for. Not at all. It hadn't been the greatest joke in the world, Bryony didn't consider herself the paragon of humour after all, but she had hoped it would have produced at least a chuckle from Sandra. Instead, her friend had started choking. Bryony stared at her, stunned and wide eyed, hands covering her mouth.

Before Bryony could really start panicking, however, the spoon bounced twice against the table, and Sandra seemed to have - mostly - recovered. Just a case of bad timing, food going down the wrong way. Bryony breathed a sigh of relief. She had no idea what she would have done if Sandra had really been in trouble. She hadn't done any sort of first aid course or anything, could only remember the basic idea of CPR, and her first reaction to what had just happened was to freeze in place.

The important thing to remember, though, was that nothing more HAD happened. Everything was fine. It was fine.

"Oh gosh, um, I'm super sorry!" Bryony said, hands slightly obscuring her words as they hovered between covering her mouth and trying to help Sandra. Not that she knew how exactly she was planning on helping her anyway...

"Are you, uh, okay? Do you want me to grab you some water?"


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