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"It's alright," BB said, after Jeremy got in his say. "Edible. I've had worse."

She was half tempted to act like it was really delicious and maybe give Jeremy the old Tom Sawyer routine, not even really out of dislike for the food but because he'd gone ahead and pointed out his comparative fortune. But she bit back the impulse and bit into the pizza. No reason to go and make trouble where there was none, especially since Jeremy was still mostly on her good side for catching himself earlier.

"A little salty and a little bland besides that," she clarified. It also featured probably the lamest pepperoni she'd ever encountered, just these sad little circles of meat. It was likely the same ultra-processed pig/chicken/cow intestines that they sold at Target—the sort of meat so chemically altered it didn't even require refrigeration. But she'd eaten worse, or at least certainly worse-tasting, things. And besides, she'd worked up an appetite throughout the school day. What was a little pulverized meat product against that?

She took another bite, chewed and swallowed. It really wasn't that awful. It was like those pizzas she'd loved when she was eight, Tony's or whatever, the frozen ones her parents had always told her were only for special occasions so she'd figured they must be really expensive and then when she was a teenager and actually started paying attention in the grocery store she figured out they usually ran about three bucks. This lunch was a lot more palatable framed as a nostalgic experience.

She could still do with some external distraction, though.

"And what's new in the rest of the world?" she asked, gesturing vaguely at her lunch companions.
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