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Now that the other three had revealed their assignments, Coleen slowly came to acknowledge the pit of uneasiness welling up in her stomach. "Oh shoot guys," she said. "I, uh... I think I might have misunderstood what we were supposed to bring."

Nate, Jane and Irene had all brought interactive stuff, scenes you were supposed to do with more than one person, maybe have some fun with it. On the other hand, what Coleen had brought was, as she said, a soliloquy. She figured they were all just supposed to bring in a sample script and recite it to the best of their ability, but if the task was to bring something for a scene with multiple characters, then... it was a little hard to have a soliloquy with more than one person when the whole point was for one person to talk to nothing.

"Since, you know, it's kind of a solo scene that I brought..." Coleen tapped the tips of her index fingers together in front of her. "It's that scene from Summertree where this soldier, um, is leaning against a tree and dying."
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