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Nate was in the middle of dragging a desk into position, showing little trouble with the task compared to Coleen, when she threw the name Summertree at him. He returned her a blank look, as the title sailed clearly over his head.

“I don’t know that one. What’s it about?” he asked, aiming the question a little towards Jane too, since she seemed to know more about it. He looked to Irene as well, though he didn’t want to find out that everyone besides himself knew what Coleen was talking about. Hopefully it was just some obscure movie which there was no reason for him to know about, and he wouldn’t have to feel out of touch or uninformed, or stupid.

It was nice of Irene to show up, though her intention not to stick around wasn’t surprising. He’d known her long enough to know that she followed her whims to a T, and that being flighty and being Irene were one and the same. He had to admit that he admired her confidence in her approach to life, though, and if nothing else she was a nice enough person.

As the circle of chairs came closer to completion, Nate found his focus shifting between the three girls. Their pieces for the meeting sounded great too, really, but he still quietly hoped they could do the one that he’d brought. It wasn’t that they didn’t sound fun, because they did (although Coleen’s soliloquy did seem like it would lead to a lot of lines, but at least he’d have a script), but he really wanted the chance to get the narration right for his own scene, just to show to himself that he could.
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