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Oh man, judging from the singing Irene was here. Jane and Irene were cool, they clashed on occasion but usually got along okay. Nate said something about moving chairs, which Jane quickly got on, moving around Coleen to start setting up a circle. Irene walked in with all the glitz she usually had. Jane greeted her by means of a nod.

Oh yeah, they were supposed to bring a practice thing today. Luckily Jane had remembered, or rather, luckily Jane had the presence of mind to write it down in her organizer. Goddamn, she needed to do like memory exercises or something, she would've forgotten she had it.

"Yeah, Summertree's that old movie right? With Michael Douglas and some other people?" Jane was...vaguely familiar. Her mom liked old movies and junk, but Jane was pretty sure she'd seen bits of this one. "Oh, yeah, I have a practice thing. One sec." Jane set her bag on the ground and started rifling through it. After a moment, she triumphantly pulled a set of papers from it.

"Yeah, here it is. It's a scene-building thing, you design a scene where you only say like four words." Jane scanned the paper quickly. "Yeah, the only words you can have in it are...'Yes', 'No', 'Please' and 'Banana." She chuckled at the last bit, but composed herself a moment later. "Just thought it'd be a fun little thing." Getting back to setting up the chairs, Jane started shifting around the tables to make a circle.

"You bring anything, Irene?"
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