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"Uuuuuuuuuuuuh yeah!" Coleen had to fish her concentration for conversation back to the forefront of her mind since she was in the middle of moving a few desks into a rough arc as the start of the circle. "Today was, like... bringing your reading, recitals, that sort of thing." Once she was happy with the position of the desks that she had moved into position, she looked between Jane, Irene and Nate. Of the three of them, only Jane was in her grade, so she was the one that Coleen spent the most time with. They were friends and all, at least from how theatre had put them together, but they weren't going over to each others' houses or anything. Nate was still a ball of cute and Irene was... she was talented, but maybe a bit full of herself. That's how Coleen saw it, but knew it was terribly mean to think like that.

As it stood, Coleen had heard Irene coming. She wasn't exactly stealthy, singing and dancing her way down the halls. It seemed like she'd put her energy to good use. That was fine; between Irene's energy and her own direction, Coleen gathered they could honestly set up the room by themselves if Nate and Jane didn't get started quick enough. So she buckled down and got to work, thinking about the own work that she had brought.

"Oh, right, Nate," She said between breaths as she struggled to pull the next desk into position. She was already getting a little bit tired, not being used to moving these heavy things around. "The thing I brought is... gah... a, um... mmmph. A soliloquy from Summertree. You know of that, right?"

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