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Vanessa was lounging back in her room, strumming along on her guitar to the tune of Money Changes Everything as a blank notepad next to a sheet of homework sat on one side of her desk, and the skype window on her laptop blinked at her from the other. BB was trying to send her another ‘experimental’ piece, so on the whole there was very little incentive for her to put down the guitar and get on with her work at that point. She figured that she could switch on her PS3 and play some Dark Souls instead; she could always do the homework in the morning, if then.

As she finished her tune, the tell-tale rumble of her vibrating phone caught her ear. Her phone’s background was the same as Cameron’s.

"Hey coming to yours dont ask why will tell you when I get there."

Vanessa cocked an eyebrow at the text. Her first instinct was to type “Sup bitch?” back at her, but even without tone the words on the display carried a voice, one that told Vanessa that something was up. If it was good news she would’ve just texted it straight out or said it at school the next day.

No, something had upset Cameron, and that meant something had upset Vanessa.

She considered texting her back, offering to pick her up and drive her somewhere the two of them could just chill and talk about whatever it was that had gotten to her. She didn't know how Cameron would react to that though, usually she just liked to go somewhere quiet and brood. That, or...worse.

Vanessa decided to text back “ok” and leave it at that. Hopefully she was overreacting to the message. Hopefully it wasn’t going to come to that again.
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