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People always said they'd experienced true emptiness. That something bad happened and they just felt nothing. For Cameron it was different. It was an inescapable feeling a dread sitting in the pit of her stomach, the feeling that fate was against her and nothing she could do would stop it.

She puked for a second time.

"Cameron honey? Are you alright?"

Close your eyes, count to five and pretend everything's alright.

"Y-" She swallowed down some of the bile. "Yeah I'm fine."

Silence. Her mom knew, she had to know.

"...Ok honey." She listened to her moms footsteps as they moved away from the bathroom. Waited until she couldn't hear them anymore. Then puked again.

"Oh fuck." Her voice was weak and cracking.

Cameron's parents had just told her they were planning a divorce. It was her worst fear come to life. There was no way around it. No escape. Her parents would eventually separate and she had no control over it. She'd have to go live with one of them. If that was going to be in Kingman or not she didn't know. If it was going to effect her future in terms of going to college she had no idea.

She pushed herself away from the toilet bowl and sat in the middle of the bathroom floor. Her legs pulled up to her chest and her arms wrapped around them. The scars on her right arm were visible and Cameron stared at them. A reminder of the first time divorce had been brought up, that time they'd both backed down and decided against it. Sadly this time they were both committed to it. Her dad had already stormed out of the house. That had been the warning shot. Cameron had always been alert and tuned in to what her parents were discussing but to have a totally quiet conversation that ended with her dad leaving. That was bad. When her mom had gently knocked on her door and asked to come in using her name followed by honey Cameron knew it was bad.

She had been right. Staring at her arm she saw the crisscrossing scars, the triangle, the mementos of that time during middle school. What had been the darkest time of her life. She felt the tears running down her face. Cameron shifted to wipe her eyes and heard a dull thud. Looking down she saw her phone had fallen out of her pocket and onto the floor. She picked it up and pressed the lock button, the screen lit up, showing the time and her background. A selfie Vanessa had taken of the two of them after one of their first performances. They were both sweaty and Cameron still had her paint on. Her design that night had been white paint as a base and then a rainbow split over both eyes in a running paint style that went down her neck. Vanessa was smiling while she had just been wide-eyed, trying her best to look confused by the camera. It was her favorite picture of the two of them.

Sliding her finger across the phone's screen to unlock it Cameron turned on the Facebook messenger app. Vanessa was at the top of her recent conversations. As she had been since they'd met.

"Hey coming to yours dont ask why will tell you when I get there."

She didn't hesitate to hit send. Stuffing her phone back in her pocket Cameron got to her feet. She looked like a mess, She'd have to clean up before she went. She started with flushing the toilet.
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