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((Irene Djezari continued from Laws Of Motion))

"My disco blah, Juliet, teenage dream..."

The tile beneath Irene's feet happily squeaked in time to a beat only she could hear, ripped wholesale from the song she was belting out as she stalked the florescent-lit halls of Cochise.

"I knew, we were born to be together- born to be togetheer..."

Her voice was untrained, a tiny and tinny piglet squeal. Sharp as the harshest of Cochise's teachers, it occasionally scared ne'er-do-wells from loitering despite the complete lack of actual danger. Each line she dropped her voice grew more affected, a rhythmic swing developed in her hips and joints. Mere walking to her destination was discarded in favor of something approximating a poorly choreographed musical number. The few passerby who raised eyebrows could suck it.

"We took the floor and she saaaa-aid..." Voice cracked.

"Oh don't you dare look back," Her quarry, at this point, could probably hear some sort of warbling tune in the distance. "Just keep your eyes on me, he said 'you're holding back', she said shut up and dance with me!" If this had been an essay Irene would have been marked down at this point for inconsistent gender identifiers. Unless it the subject of the song was Haley or Enzo or one of the others that went by 'they'. "This woman is my destiny- he said oooh-hoo, shut up and dance with me!" Irene finally burst into the math room she'd had as a Freshman, thrusting her hand in thoroughly exaggerated longing at the nearest thing that resembled a human being, her head cocked and a beautifully worn 'shut up and dance with me' expression etched over the youthful contours of her face, stupid grin worn bombastically. "Shut up and dance with me~!"

Nate, Coleen, Jane. She'd timed things well, none of the admittedly many people she kind of hated in this Club had shown up yet. Nate was cute, Coleen was cuter, Jane was cool. None of them were in the innermost of her nine circles of swag, so she didn't really spare any of them the brunt of her thoughts. Still, she held most of them in esteem. Nate sucked at remembering things and didn't draw the best casting but he was adorable, Coleen was a bomb ass singer and drew decent casting but was kind of awkward sometimes. Awkward quiet, not awkward the way Irene preferred to be. Jane wasn't cast in things period but she made a good member of the crew, at least when the two of them didn't argue over stuff.

"Hey guys. We setting up?" Irene dropped the jazz hands routine in the blink of an eye. Nate had been approaching the tables when she had melodramatically exploded onto the scene, so it wasn't too much of a leap for her to start bounding to the nearest table herself, intent on shoving things around for a few minutes with her comrades in theatrics arms. "Not staying for exercises but I'll...- mmph, I'll help while I can."

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