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Nate gave an awkward smile to Coleen as he took the script back from her, deciding to keep his struggles to himself for the time being. He was nodding in agreement about moving the chairs when Jane announced her presence in the doorway.

“Hi, Jane.” He replied, giving her a small wave. Jane was pretty different to Coleen: loud, bossy, and not one to mince words, Nate usually felt a bit nervous when he found out he was going to work with her. He was just glad she stuck to the backstage, rather than think how she’d react if he lost his place in the script in a scene with her.

“We were just about to move the chairs around, if you want to give us a hand?” He smiled at her, then started stepping backwards towards the tables before he got a reply. He was about halfway there when he turned back to the girls, waiting for one of them to confirm that this was in fact the plan for now whilst also remembering what he'd been thinking about until Coleen had arrived.

“Oh yeah, and I showed Coleen an improv thing we could maybe do when that’s done and people show up, if you think that’d be cool?” He waved the hand with the script in it, just to be clear.
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