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((Jane Madison, Pregame start))

So the thing about Jane and theater has always been that Jane is a terrible actress. Terrible.

She had no voice control whatsoever, so anything she said, memorized or otherwise, sounded like it was being read with difficulty off a manuscript. That, combined with a complete loathing to sing or dance, meant Jane had minimal actual talent as far as theatricals were concerned. Drama queen? Debatable. Drama geek? God no.

Still, she liked it. It was fun to work backstage, costumes, directions, scripts, staging, props all that jazz. Jane was good about that sort of thing. So she sat in on drama club meetings and she watched and she gave a token effort with her acting talent or lack thereof. But usually? She was in it for stage crew.

With a sense of purpose, Jane walked into the math room. She was not a purposeless walker in general; walking was a point-A to point-B means, no point dilly-dallying. She was pretty early, as usual, but there were already people there, which was pretty sweet. Coleen and Nate, to be specific, which Jane approved of. Coleen was a total wallflower, but she was actually pretty talented despite her messed-up face. Jane felt bad for the poor girl. Nate was like a super ball; tiny and energetic, a little spazzy but a nice guy in general.

"What's up you two!" Jane exclaimed. Cheery, but probably overdoing it. Oh well, not like anyone gave a shit if she was weirdly peppy. They were probably glad she wasn't sulking or whatever if anything. Not that she sulked.
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