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“Thanks.” Jeremy sat down in a chair on the table, allowing his backpack to slide off his arm as he placed it below the table. He almost called her by her real name, which could have been a problem. He knew that she hated it, he wasn’t sure why though. He had called her Barbara once out of normal habit at one point and then she treated him like he was the fucking antichrist for the rest of the period. It was a good thing that he actually remembered to call her by her real name this time, or else he probably would have had to find another table. Eh, it didn’t matter anyway. He probably could have found another random table with seniors on it that he didn’t find detestable, it wouldn’t have been too great of a loss.

He opened his bag, so that he could get his lunchbox out. It was a TARDIS lunchbox, which his parents gave him for Christmas because they assumed that he still gave a shit about Doctor Who. Well, that wasn’t entirely correct. He liked the last season, despite half the internet not sharing his opinion. But still, his parents were trying to appeal to one of the things they thought he was interested in because they wanted to pretend that they cared about him. They weren’t doing a good job though, with them shouting at him to constantly revise when he wasn’t doing anything else and not even fucking bothering to pronounce the things he liked right. Maybe that was how BB felt about her real name; maybe he should actually call her by her nickname from now on.

Speaking of BB, she asked him why he was here. Well, she asked Barry as well, but he was likely the odd one out here so the question was probably directed towards him. It was probably a good idea if he responded.

“Place I normally go is closed. Exams or renovations or something like that. I needed somewhere to sit and have my lunch and this was the closest place to my last class. Don’t expect me to stay here for too long, though.” He probably wasn’t going to stay here for too long once he finished his lunch. He didn’t find the cafeteria to be a very pleasant place, and when certain people arrived it apparently could turn into a madhouse, which probably wouldn’t entertain him.

Barry then asked if the pizza was any good. Jeremy shrugged, and then showed everyone his lunchbox.

“I dunno. Don’t need to know though, since I have this.” He looked at both of their trays, what they had wasn’t really appetising. Thank god that his mom actually made lunch for him every morning.
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