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"Oh," Coleen said in that surprised way somebody exclaims 'oh' when having something suddenly thrust at them. "Oooooooh. Improv. Not my speciality," she said with a laugh as she took the paper from Nate. She glanced over it to give it a quick read, though she wasn't kidding when she said that improvisation wasn't her thing. She didn't think of herself as a particularly funny person, and even less so when things weren't meticulously planned out. She was the kind of actress that needed everything spelled out, every direction given, and nothing left to randomness.

Deciding after a moment that she wouldn't take her hair out of her face to give her left eye a chance at reading, Coleen let her right eye do all the work in finishing up, then handed the script back to Nate. "Well, since it's mostly improv, I'm guessing you've already got the whole thing memorized!" She offered a genuine smile, unknowing of Nate's progress, and looked around the room. "I'll show you what I brought in a minute, but... um, do you think we should move the chairs around first? So like, they're in a circle?"
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